Digital Money eco-system for the new digital era

Our mission

Develop a global Digital Money eco-system for the new digital era, offering extremely fast 24×7 Banking & Financial Services to an increasingly demanding customer base of Banks, Businesses and Individuals, without compromising the high safety, security and regulatory requirements of this Industry.

Extremely fast 24×7 Banking & Financial Services

Domestic money transfers, cross-border transfers, foreign exchange and micro payments ensured by robust blockchain technology and fast, continuously operating platform. 


Digital Money backed 1:1 with National Currencies is the guarantee of a stable rate in the market, eliminating speculation. 

High safety

Safety of Digital Money is ensured by a distributed blockchain provided by partner banks and reliable financial institutions. 

Let's say you move to another country

Being in another country you never know what can happen. In cases of emergency you might need additional money right away.

If you need to pay for a hospital, you have an unplanned visa to pay for during your journey, you're lost and you need to pay for a hotel.

International transfers involve many third parties and can even take a week to complete.

In addition to that you need to pay international transfer fees and commissions for money exchanges. 

With Digital Money you can transfer funds wherever you are in the world within minutes.

Every transaction in safe and secure thanks to blockchain technology.

One PLN can be transfered into 1 dPLN, then it is sent to another country. There it is exchanged into local digital currency and after that it can be converted into local legal tender.

Together is better

Digital money is the solution created in cooperation with key partners - potential users of our services.

Our aim is to create Digital Money backed by National Currency and managed on Blockchain. We want to repeat this model for any National Currency, meeting a developing eco-system demand.

Our target

We are targeting 4 key customer groups, with overlapping needs:

Banks – the facilitators and foundation

We are witnessing a Financial Services paradigm shift as FinTech companies leverage new technologies and market directly to traditional Banking customers.


Payments, foreign exchange, and credit facilities are just some examples where Banks are facing more competition and a potential overall erosion of their position.


With the move to cashless societies and more Open Banking regulations, the FinTech companies are equipped to take full advantage of this new market. Digital Money also gives partner Banks a competitive advantage.

​Businesses & Organisations (B2B) – online or traditional​

In compliance with current trends, B2B businesses should pay attention to transaction automation - the benefits achieved through increased efficiency; augmentation - the ability to offer additional functionality through an online channel; and transformation - constant changing of outdated systems and processes enabled through  interlocking of technologies.

A mix of convenience, accuracy and speed is now highly demanded, and dedicated wallets for B2B payments and transfers, can provide all of these features. Additionally Smart Contracts can create B2B payment management efficiencies, and even improved liquidity.

Retail businesses

There are a lot of use cases for blockchain technology which benefit both the businesses and their customers - focused on simplifying existing relationships, reducing fraud and improving the speed of commerce.

Efficiency and reduced processing costs result in improved cash flow, as well as stronger relationships with both consumers and suppliers (the provision of record keeping enhancing the supply chain). Smart Contracts can also provide additional services to  help consumers manage spending at Retail Businesses.


Individual customers can benefit from real-time transfers and payments, enabled by the backing of Digital Money with National Currencies giving equivalent stable value.

The security provided by Digital Money, will ideally encourage Individual Consumers to use it for their everyday activities.

In addition, there will be the advantage of reduced costs, speed of cross border transfers, and reduced expenses while travelling when coupled with cheap FX services.

Understanding the customer needs is essential to success. Integrating feedback loops for client base usage, satisfaction and requirements,
will be a core objective to promote growth.

Our team

Prof. Krzysztof Piech

CEO at Blockchain Technologies sp. z o.o.

Professor at the Department of International Economic Relations (Lazarski University). 

Mike Kennedy

Previously IT Executive Director at Goldman Sachs for over 20 years, and established the new Goldman Sachs Warsaw office.  

Technical Team

Rafał Kiełbus - Senior Blockchain Developer, and Technical Lead

Dominik Stawiński - Blockchain Engineer

Jakub Piwko - Operations Manager

Michał Kozłowski - UX Designer

Legal & Compliance Team

Kornelia Piech - Legal Lead

Katarzyna Gorzkowska - Legal & Compliance Specialist

Business Team

Kamil Jaczewski - Business Developer

Wojciech Kaźmierczak - Data Scientist

Wojciech Piotrowski - Business Analyst

Marketing Team

Michał Gałagus - PR & Communications Manager

Anna Pancerzyńska - Marketing Specialist

Igor Haleta - Community Manager


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